M-Rent Properties

Business Background

In Uganda since the 1970's the capital city 'Kampala' and the major towns like; 'Mbale, Entebbe, Jinja, and many more', have shown a great progress in estates and property developments including some very big and tall buildings. The culture of the renting has though persistantly been conservative. Majorly the process roles with manual cash collections from tenants by the property agents, managers or even property owners themseleves. At this current technology grwoth rate, the above process is getting deprecated as e-cash payments has proven to be the best option for convinient credit transactions. M-rent is one of the major solutiions that is here to acomplish all e-payment requirements of renting culture in the generation today.

M-Rent Solution

M-Rent is an innovative solution designed for property and real estate owners to manage their properties and tenants.
With this solution, property owners are able to monitor the cash flow of their properties and manage other miscellaneous payments. Mobile Money payment transactions has permanently taken over money transfers in Uganda and M-Rent has this solution on all telcome networks including 'MTN, AIRTEL, AFRICELL and UTL'.

Benefits of M-Rent

  1. Tenants pay their rent using Mobile money.
  2. Monitor cash flow of your property via an online portal anywhere and at anytime.
  3. Schedule maintenance and renovation of property with ease.
  4. Pay all your workers and other service providers using our intergrated bulk payment system.
  5. Receive rent directly on your M-Rent account.
  6. Instant notifications are sent to tenants on payments.
  7. Payment receipts can be sent via email to the tenants.
  8. Schedule and send rent payment reminders to your tenants.